Cancer Care Coordination

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The PCN Cancer Care Coordinator will support GP practices within the Primary Care Network, working within professional and clinical boundaries as part of an established multi-disciplinary team to deliver timely and personalised care for patients, and deliver key objectives of the Primary Care Network DES.

The Cancer Care Coordinator ensures all patients who are on a fast track pathway are:

  • Given information on their referral including why they are being referred
  • Informed that they are being referred to rule out cancer and reassure that most people referred will not have cancer
  • Given information on the importance of attending appointments
  • Given information on where they can access further support.

The Cancer Care Coordinator contacts patients to offer support to those recently diagnosed with cancer at three months, either face to face or via telephone. They provide patients with necessary non-clinical information to help with care planning, information access and emotional support services which, whilst not directly impacting on medical outcomes, considerably affects the way a patient feels about their treatment, their quality of life post diagnosis and their general wellbeing on-going.

They holistically bring together all of a patient's identified care and support needs and explore options to meet these within a single personalised care and support plan (PCSP) in line with PCSP best practice, based on what matters most to the person.