Remote Monitoring Service

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Support to Keep Patients Well at Home

Two of our GP practices are working with East Berkshire Primary Care to trial a new Remote Monitoring Service. The trial is for certain patients who have been identified as potentially benefiting from being remotely monitored.  The practices are Oaklands Health Centre and Hawking and Elham Practice.

Remote monitoring enables patients to share symptoms such as blood pressure from the convenience of their own home using an app called DOCOBOAPP TM. This helps to build a picture of what is normal for each patient and supports health care professionals to provide them with the right level of care. 

Providing regular health readings using remote monitoring also helps to join up patient care. This means that healthcare professionals involved in your treatment have access to the most up-to-date information, enabling them to make informed decisions about an individual’s care. 

If health readings fall outside of what is expected, the Remote Monitoring Team will call to check how the patient is and advise whether extra support is required, such as a call from the GP practice.


What Happens Next?

If you are eligible to participate you will receive a letter and text message, or a telephone call, from your Primary Care Network (on behalf of your GP practice), inviting you to participate. If you consent to being part of the service, a healthcare professional from the Digital Health Team at East Berkshire Primary Care will then phone you to talk you through the service, and to help get you set up. You are free to leave the service at any point, should you change your mind.

The Team will work with you to understand what equipment you need, which will be delivered to you at home. This equipment is for your use only and must be kept in a usable condition. 

Join the hundreds of others who are already benefiting from remote monitoring. We understand that the Remote Monitoring Service helps them feel more supported with advice and clinical support when they need it. 

For more information on the remote monitoring service please refer to the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I being offered remote monitoring?

Your health and care records show that you have one or more health conditions that would benefit from remote monitoring.

What happens next?

If you consent to using the service, the practice will share some of your relevant health and contact information with East Berkshire Primary Care and you will receive a call from their Digital Health Team who will:  

  • Explain what remote monitoring is and answer any questions you might have about this NHS service;
  • Check you have all the kit you need or arrange for it to be sent to you; and 
  • Support you to set up the app and start sharing your health readings.

What are the benefits of remote monitoring?

Remote monitoring has many benefits. It can help you to:  

  • Understand what is normal for you;
  • Stay well by supporting you with health and care advice and treatment when you need it; and
  • Reduce the likelihood you will need emergency treatment.

Who can see the information that I enter into the app?

The Docobo app enables you to enter information into the Docobo system for the Digital Health Team to monitor you, and your health readings can also be viewed by healthcare professionals in your Shared Care Record.

Find more information on the Kent and Medway Shared Care Record 

This means your health information can be viewed by the people already involved in your care using the Docobo system.  This includes your GP, the Digital Health Team and other NHS teams that you are under the care of (e.g., Cardiology). 

What equipment do I need?

The Digital Health Team will work with you to understand what equipment you need, which will be delivered to you at home, for example a blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter or thermometer. 
The equipment is for your use only and must be kept in a useable condition.

What if I later choose not to be remotely monitored?

The Digital Health Team will ask if you are happy to be remotely monitored. If this is something you no longer wish to take up, you can let the team know and this will be noted in your records. 

Who do I contact if I have any questions about the Remote Monitoring Service?

If you have any questions about why you have been selected for the Remote Monitoring Service, please contact 01303 235314 in the first instance.

You can also read about the service on the EBPC website here: Remote Monitoring | East Berkshire Prima

Or on the Frimley Health and Care website here: Remote Monitoring Service | Frimley Health and Care